Sri Aurobindo Public School, Budni

Affiliated to CBSE,New Delhi. Affiliation No. 1030962

Sponsored by Vardhman Group of Companies

Welcome to Sri Aurobindo Public School, Budni

Sri Aurobindo Public School seeks to nurture talents of young minds to successfully meet the challenges of the modern society.

Sri Aurobindo's Concept of Education

Sri Aurobindo (August 15, 1872-December 5, 1950) was an Indian nationalist, scholar poet, Hindu mystic, philosopher, yogi and guru. Amongst many other philosophies such as ‘The Divine Life on Earth’, ' Supramental Truth Consciousness, Sri Aurobindo also propounded the concept of 'Integral Education'. Sri Aurobindo Public School (SAPS) is based on his philosophy of Integral education. Education is meant to bring out the best in man, to develop his potentialities to the maximum, to integrate him with himself, his surroundings, his society, his country and humanity to make him a 'complete man', the integral man’. The purpose of education cannot be, to merely create a literate individual, or a highly informed person, crammed with information and facts, or to create an individual to find a job. The more important aspects of an individual are his character, his personality and values. The process of education must be integral.

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